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Junior is a six-piece indie rock band that has been making waves since the release of their well-received EP, "Are We There Yet?". The band’s music can be described as a blend of Indie rock and Americana, with influences drawn from the likes of Bright Eyes, Big Thief and Wilco. And this while still maintaining an authentic sound that’s characterized by their rich arrangements, intimate lyrics, and heartfelt performances.

With the upcoming release of their debut full album, "Eternal Stumble," in early 2024, Junior takes up the mantle of adulthood as it promises to showcase the band's growth and evolution. With even more personal lyrics and captivating songwriting, "Eternal Stumble" is a record that cranes its neck back to the past but cruises the open road, wide-eyed and in the face of new beginnings.

White w/red/black splatter - LTD. to 100 (Band Exclusive)
Clear/red transparent - LTD. to 200

LP on heavy colored 180 gram vinyl
12" Insert
Printed inner sleeves
Heavy deluxe sleeve in resemble poly bag

A1 Keep It Hid
A2 Stranger In My Clothes
A3 Fever In My Mind
A4 Song For A Fiend
A5 I'm Over Here
A6 World’s Greatest Sailor
A7 (Reasons)

B1 Glow
B2 Out Of Time
B3 Eternal Stumble
B4 Slow Down
B5 An Attempt