Stretch Arm Strong - "The Revealing" 12" (TSR/Devil Dog Distro Exclusive)

Stretch Arm Strong - "The Revealing" 12" (TSR/Devil Dog Distro Exclusive)

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After nearly two decades, kings of posi-hardcore Stretch Arm Strong are back with a pipebomb of an EP.

Formed in Columbia, South Carolina in 1992, Stretch Arm Strong quickly made a name for themselves in the world of hardcore with their frenetic musicianship and unflinching positivity that crossed boundaries of belief and genre. The band initially went on hiatus in 2008 but made a significant return at Furnace Fest 2021. The festival's energy was palpable, leading the band not only to reconnect with countless friends from shows over the years but also with each other, reminding them of how rewarding playing music in Stretch Arm Strong is.

It was only a matter of time before the question of coming back together to write new music would arise. Recording with Steve Evetts, who was initially slated to produce 1999's "Rituals of Life," turned out to be total kismet. Their combined chemistry shines through, displaying an energy that recalls their heaviest moments as a band. "It was really refreshing to put an exclamation mark on this thing," says guitarist David Sease. "We did it the way we wanted to, had a good time and expressed ourselves." The result of this is The Revealing, a true gem of a record and the model for what can be achieved on an EP.

From the outset, it doesn't sound like any time has passed since Stretch Arm Strong stopped. Opening track "The Mirror" slams forward with total ferocity and youthfulness, showcasing why they're still an important part of the scene. "Still Believe Part III" follows up on previous entries with an absolute crusher, concluding with a monster of a breakdown. On "Take a Stand," Stretch Arm Strong enlists Lou Koller from Sick of It All for a killer guest spot.

With six songs clocking in at under fifteen minutes, the EP’s brevity is a testament to the lightning in a bottle Stretch Arm Strong captured by taking the stage once more. No longer being kids and now being full-fledged adults with families and worlds outside of music, the bond between Stretch Arm Strong and their love for playing is a testament to what this music means both for them and the countless listeners that have joined them throughout this time. It’s a release that’s worthy of the band’s exceptional discography, and a record that can only exist with a once-in-a-lifetime friendship and focus that the band has.

01. The Mirror
02. Illuminating
03. Aspirations
04. Still Believe, Part III
05. Take a Stand (feat. Lou Koller of Sick of It All)
06. A Revealing